Drupal Recording Initiative: #DrupalCampLDN, #MidCamp, #NERDSummit

Submitted by kthull on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 09:12
top view of hauppauge pvr rocket with zoom audio recorder

March was a crazy month and I neglected my regular updates. Between touristing my first timeĀ in London, recording #DrupalCampLDN in person, flying back home just hours before the UK travel ban kicked in, adjusting to life in quarantine, working with my team to convert #MidCamp to an all-virtual conference, coordinating with #NERDSummit to also go virtual the same weekend as MidCamp, and then recovering from what was very likely Covid-19 myself (all the symptoms, but not bad enough to get tested), I had my hands full.

I'm better now and life is returning to its new normal. Below are links to three separate March #Drupal events, for your viewing pleasure: